Introduction to Climbing

Climbing is the general term for an activity based around the ascent or descent of a surface using the hands and feet. It is used as a means to reach a destination that is otherwise unreachable, or as a recreational activity in itself.

Climbing is generally classified as either sport climbing or traditional climbing and can take place over a variety of surfaces, most commonly on rocks, boulders or ice. Sport climbing incorporates the competitive side of climbing, usually using pre-marked routes and placing emphasis upon the techniques, form and strength demonstrated by the climber. In comparison, traditional climbing puts weight on exploration, with climbers usually marking their own paths as they go, pursuing personal discovery rather than focusing on speed and form.

Whether competitive or exploratory, climbing is a sport which requires extreme mental and physical strength and is known to be one of the most challenging and gruelling activities in the world. It combines agility, judgement, strength, balance and determination, providing mental and physical challenges that push the body to its very limit.